Mid-Life Pregnancy – Mother Over 40, Delight Or Doom?

What do Geena Davis, Marcia Cross and Mariska Hargitay have in common? Well, besides being television stars, all three became first-time mothers after the age of 40. Mention a woman is pregnant and see people beam. Include the detail that she’s above forty and watch the same beaming people frown and shake their heads. What is it about being over forty and pregnant that brings out such reactions in people?By being a mom over 40, you are taking a risk. But so are you if you decide to go skydiving or parachute-jumping. There are risks in everything. From something as simple as crossing a road, risks are involved. However, doctors are always warning against ‘older motherhood’. What are these risks? Here is a list which features a collaboration of the many and usual health scares that warn against becoming a mother too late.Pregnant moms will have an increased risk of getting high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.Birth defects in the child – Down syndrome usually takes the lead here. A combination of mental retardation and physical abnormalities that are caused by the presence of an extra chromosome. Women usually have a 1-in-100 chance at age 40 and a 1-in-30 chance of having a child born with Down syndrome.

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Miscarriage – 25% risk for women at 40Placenta Previa – This causes extreme bleeding during delivery.Foetal Distress – Increases if this is a woman’s first labour.Low Birth Weight – A preterm birth (less than 37 weeks of pregnancy) can be reduced by not smoking during pregnancyCaesarean Birth – Usually a C-section will be advised when a woman is 40 and over.Moment of fearAlright don’t despair just ’cause you read that and already are pregnant and over 40. Sure complications may arise due to age. But think about it. Complications could also arise from the habit of smoking you had as an impulsive teenager or when you were in your twenties, drowning your weekends in flavoured martinis. Age certainly is a component in the production of a healthy baby; however, it is not the main determining factor. Many people over 40, all over the world, have given birth to babies, regardless of whether it’s their first or second or third (think: Jane Seymour, Emma Thompson, Susan Sarandon). How did they do it and continue to? You have to do your part to improve your pregnancy. Quell your fears with these tips!Get a good amount of exercise before, during and after your pregnancy. Consult your doctor on what type of exercise you can do during the different terms of your pregnancy.Follow a healthy diet. It’s good for you and your baby.Optimal prenatal care – Ladies, I can’t stress enough on the importance of this.What about after the kid has been born? Mid-life crisis VS Parenting duties?Come on ladies. Having a child is an indication by itself, regardless of age, that you have reached mid-life and a crisis will soon happen, isn’t it. We kid, we kid (no pun intended).But what is the real problem here? Creaking knees and popping ankles sounding off as you chase after your little one? Mid-life Mom, those problems pop up all the time due to lack of exercise. Think of the positive issues involved with you being an ‘older’ mom.

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Goodbye isolation – While most of your friends are having long-distance chats with their kids or wondering how university life is going for their children, you are having fun discovering new things with your itty bitty baby.Career’s made – Most young mothers would be busy juggling career and baby but you…you’ve already made your career mark!Wisdom – With age, come wisdom (we hope!) so wiser decisions regarding you, your child and your family may be made.Being a mother is a blessing. Being a mother at an older age is an even bigger blessing. Don’t let the worries and concerns shadow the most beautiful time of parenthood. Take it in stride and who knows, pretty soon you might out beat the younger moms and be the ‘cool mom’ on the block!

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The Widely Overlooked Fail-Safe Solution to Unwanted Pregnancy

There is a widely overlooked solution to unwanted pregnancies that does not require surgery, pills, nor any type of device inserted into the woman. This overlooked solution to unwanted pregnancy is clean, straightforward, and one hundred percent guaranteed to accomplish the job. In common terms, this most overlooked solution to unwanted pregnancy is simply keeping your panties on and your legs closed.Women who do not want to have children can easily avail themselves to this fail-safe solution to prevent pregnancy. It is a matter of choice. Males are excluded from this reasoning process because the woman has the command of her body and the choice as to how she wants to live out her life. There is no golden rule that stipulates that a woman must participate in any form of sexual activity. Celibacy is a decision and a choice that every person is free to make.This cast-iron solution to prevent unwanted pregnancy is by no means advocating that a woman should defile her created essence by partaking into lesbianism. The abhorrence of homosexuality pollutes and taints personification and creates an image that the cosmos abhors. Women should be true to their person, and to their bodies, and not allow their minds, or what is currently in vogue, rob them of their standing within the universes of realities and dimensions that transcend this physical realm of realities where they are only a momentary transient.

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Woman, keep your panties on and your legs shut to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. This is a very simple and very overlooked solution that can easily be employed in any woman’s life. This solution to prevent unwanted pregnancy is a best practice for this generation of the woman to exercise now. Within the next few decades of scientific developments, the need for women to produce human progenies will have become an antiquated relic of the antediluvian age. The horizon is already fixed in place and the next generation of children will be produced in factories and embedded with attributes that best fit the needs of society at any given time.Eventually, woman as such will cease to exist as a species on planet Earth since this seems to be the norm of all recorded extraterrestrial encounters, as no females of any interplanetary species have ever been documented so far in these accounts of interstellar visitations. Women as a cosmic species are unique to the planet Earth. This is not to say that what can be considered as being a female humanoid type does not inhabit others spheres of realities, however, in the physical realities that we of planet Earth are housed it appears to be the fact that this orb is the only one that contains an entity that mortals commonly refer to as being a woman (female humanoid type being).Stop where you are woman and put away your lipsticks, eye shadows, skin softeners, anti-aging creams, acne and blemish treatments, trendy fashions, jewels, and perfumes. You have compressed your legs together with a vice grip type fit and have pitched your sexual urges and desires out of the hayloft. Yes, woman, your former unrestrained passions to be rolling around in the hay, you have deliberately cut thin. You, woman, have elevated your thinking above the primordial ooze and have placed that which you carry between your legs in park.

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The human population of the Earth must be greatly reduced for the survival of the human species and for the sake of the planets many other life forms. Humans are by no means the in all of all existence, because to the cosmos, humans are just one of its innumerable creatures that it houses within its many shadows and realisms. Mortals do not delude yourselves and be attentive to the absolute fact that the cosmos will experience no undo sense of loss if the human species ceases to be a member of its family.Simply put, woman stop doing it! That is if you are sincere about preventing an unwanted pregnancy woman. It is absolutely certain that by the next century someone will be looking over ancient pictures and will ask, “What is that?”, and another will answer, “They called them a woman. There are no more of them now.”, and the one will reply, “What happened to them?”, and another will answer, “They just simply vanished over time, no one knows why.”, and the one will reply, “Oh.”

Pregnancy Weight Gain

Okay, so we’re all so much more educated than our parents. We know that eating for two is an old myth. So we continue to eat for one. One pound a week, thirty pounds total is the recommended weight gain for the average pregnancy.Well somehow it hasn’t quite worked out that way for me…At first all was well, weight gain was barely noticeable. A pound here, a couple there.Then came the second trimester and that telltale bump. That’s when I showed up to a monthly appointment to find that suddenly I’d gained not 4 but 5 pounds in one month!”Four pounds a week,” the doctor sternly reminded me.”Ok,” I breathed. ” I’ll do it.”But what I was really thinking was how did that happen? I didn’t eat more than usual, yet there was that pesky extra pound begging the contrary.So I waddled home and minded my diet, eating no more than before the pregnancy. I was never a self-starver and no day passed without a hit of chocolate. After thirty years as a chocoholic, I certainly considered myself an expert in how much was enough to stay within my BMI. Yet it was with horror that, the following month, I was met with a 6 pound weight gain. Now the doctor was really mad.

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“Four pounds a week,” she reiterated.”But I’m not eating more than normal,” I pleaded.”Well perhaps you’re doing less,” she suggested.Well, I have a person strapped to my middle, my center of gravity is gone, standing feels like my pelvis is about to break, I need to pee every ten minutes and yes I waddle instead of walk. So perhaps I am doing less, but I never stepped foot in a gym before, so that argument is bunk too.The final straw came the next month, when a further 7 pound weight gain had the doctor scolding me like a bad schoolgirl. This time, though, I had kept a close daily eye on my weight and noticed that, along with swollen ankles, the gain was inconsistent. No change for several days and then suddenly 3 pounds in one night. Never gained weight like this before, I thought.So I said to the doc, “seriously I’m not eating more, but my ankles are swollen, is it possible I’m gaining water weight?”Her reply, “your ankles are swelling because you’re gaining too much weight and not the other way around.”This was becoming traumatic. Every visit to the OB had me walking out in tears of frustration. What was I to do? I was expected to have control over my body, yet my body was responding in a way with which I was unfamiliar. If things continued in this trend, I will have gained at least 50lbs by the end of this pregnancy.I guess, only once the baby is out will I learn how much weight I truly gained. My doctor is certainly convinced that it’s all my doing and that there is no explanation other than that I’m eating too much and moving too little. But I KNOW my body and I know that is not the case.

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So girls, in the absence of an explanation, my advice is to be sensible, but do not beat yourselves up for what you cannot control. Just enjoy this special time.As for my doctor, I have one thing to say: Thanks doc for providing no comfort, for leaving me uninformed, for making me feel that it’s all my fault and for casting a shadow over what should be a joyous time in my life. I know I’m not supposed to eat for two, but nowhere does it say that I’m not even supposed to eat for one.There HAS TO be another explanation. I WILL find it. Meantime I will do my best to not allow this mystery and your silence to mar any more of this precious time that is my first pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Fertility Myth – Wait For 3 Months To Tell People Just In Case You Have a Miscarriage

Pregnant parents, have you noticed this rule that appears to be out there? ‘Don’t tell anybody until you are at least 3 months pregnant.’ It is as though you might be tempting fate… that you may in some way be upsetting the gods.Excited parents are often met with ‘It’s early yet’ or ‘keep that to yourselves for now’.
It’s like a shadow of fear cast over your new baby, before he or she even gets to make an appearance. For sure, the people who say these things are well-meaning and in some ways it is understandable. Some Reasons for This BehaviorIt’s the way things have been done for a long time and we are creatures of habit.As many pregnancies do come to an end in the first 3 months, others may be afraid for us that the new life we are celebrating might not be here for keeps.They might have experience of miscarriage and want to protect us in some way. Without a doubt, their motivation is born out of love.

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The impact of this Pregnancy MythHowever, the effect is considerable. As a result of this unwritten rule, parents are often deprived of fully enjoying the role of parenting right from the beginning.Due to the ‘secrecy’ around early pregnancy, many parents don’t get the opportunity to grieve the loss of their baby if the pregnancy does come to an end. As they haven’t spoken about the pregnancy, they sometimes feel that they cannot share about the miscarriage.In this situation, parents can be left alone with their sadness and are often deprived of the support that comes from the community in other times of loss.Another effect of this myth is that parents can postpone the joy of really welcoming the baby into the world from the beginning…just in case. They wait to really bond with their new baby when they are more confident that the pregnancy is viable.There is an implication that the parent-child bond is not important to either party until later in development.Harnessing the Law of Attraction
If you are pregnant (or have ever been), know that you have created new life and you are a parent. Parenthood does not start at three months gestation, nor indeed at birth. This precious relationship begins at the moment of conception and before as you prepare for this wonderful new person in your life.

Allow yourself to feel fully the role of being a parent. Celebrate the fact that you ARE a parent now.

If it feels right for you, share your wonderful news. Choose people who can celebrate with you and can join you in your vision of great happiness and joy. Give yourself permission not to tell people who are coming from a place of fear or the ‘I told you so’ brigade. This decision will be a gift to all of you!

Celebrate this new life now. Realise that you have created something truly amazing, a totally unique and precious new person.

Allow yourself to feel the love and joy of this precious experience as you visualise a full-term, safe, gentle birth. Affirm to yourself and your partner that your baby is healthy and happy.

Experience fully the joy of where you are now rather than living in fear. Enjoy the peace of allowing yourself to embrace fully this precious time in your life.

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These practices will not alone help you to experience a healthy pregnancy, they will also fill you with a treasure of priceless memories that will be yours forever regardless of outcome.

Mommy Make-Over

If you’re expecting, I’m sure you have a lot on your plate as far as getting ready for the maternity journey and preparing for baby. With all the new changes and adjustments; sometimes “Taking Care of You” takes a back seat.To help you start “Taking Care of You,” you have to evaluate your daily activities. Well, now you ask, “What have I done for myself lately?” Ladies, this is an important question. It turns out many of us are so caught up with taking care of everyone else that we forget to do the little things for ourselves. Beginning something new and fresh for you is always exciting but requires some effort.If you want to look and feel better while preparing for a new addition to your family, let’s start with getting you on the right track with your beauty regiment.Let’s start with your hair: Taking care of your hair, makes a world of difference on how you feel and perceive yourself. If you put your hair up everyday with a scrunchy or clip you really need to STOP. This tragic behavior usually results in falling into a rut.So, I would reiterate my usual advice on making an appointment with a stylist. If you don’t have one, ask around and see which salon or stylist falls into your budget. Remember, you don’t have to go to a poshy salon or spend a fortune. There are options and some really talented stylists out there. So, a cute hair cut and some natural looking hi-lites will make you look and feel better. This can easily translate to your “Mommy Makeover.” Buy new products for your hair, Maternity Salon offers a complete hair care line especially for moms. Check it out!

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Moving onto your skin care, I’ve come across a lot of great products lately for skin. One great facial cleanser you should use to get rid of makeup at night or morning is called, “St. Ives. Facial Cleanser.” Getting into a routine with washing your face before bed and when you wake really helps your pores to stay clean and refreshed. After you wash your face, I suggest using a face cream by “Neutrogena, Oil of Olay, or Dove” look for the specific type of skin you have and use that product.After two weeks, you will see a huge difference. Remember, if you’re going to through some rough dry patch problems you should consult with your doctor about using anything.Lastly, what about the rest of your body, well I’m a firm believer in using “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter” for your belly (to avoid stretch marks) and everywhere else for hydration. After you shower and your skin is still moist is usually the best time to apply. Also, dehydration is a big culprit for bad or dry skin, so remember to drink your water. (Do you ever wonder why you see models or actresses drinking water?. It’s to keep their skin looking beautiful!)Now, onto the fun part, MAKE-UP! In completing your own “Mommy Makeover,” choosing great make-up does make a difference. I have to be honest with you and tell you that to look good you don’t need a ton of gook on your face. To start your beauty make-up application, you can apply foundation if that’s your preference.There is a really great foundation out made by “Revlon called, Custom Creations.” This foundation is light and airy and really can be matched to your skin tone. There is also SPF 15 in this product, so it makes you look good and protects your skin at the same time. In using foundation, only apply a dab to your finger or sponge and use sparingly around your eyes, forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Remember, less is more.Next, I would apply a mineral based bronzer, which can be lightly dusted on for a pretty glow. Maternity Salon offers a mineral makeup bag with your custom shade; check it out on our product page. Mineral makeup is really trendy right now, because it holds a natural feel and look. It really gives you a healthy look without looking like you just had a fight with a blush brush.As for eye shadow and liners, there are so many beautiful colors and textures available with “MAC, Bobby Brown, or Revlon. (Really the list is endless)” Right now, I am using MAC. They sell their colors in these small palettes, which are really cute and totally compact. Usually when I go to MAC, their consultants are super helpful; just tell them what you want (a natural looking color that matches your skin tone or coloring.)

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This is also fun, because if you have time you can have them do a ‘mini-makeover’ at the counter and they suggest the right products and how to use them. Ask for advice on applying the eye shadow or liner, makes sure it’s to your liking. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you think the colors are too dark or light. I usually don’t leave MAC without an eye shadow, lip gloss and mascara. These three products are essential.Lip gloss is really the icing on the cake. Without lip gloss your look is not complete. Choosing a light, natural shade can help in creating a finished look for your new “Mommy Makeover.”So, now you have your basics on the beginning of your new “Mommy Makeover,” make a difference today and get yourself feeling great and motivated.PS- Swing by a maternity clothing store like, “Motherhood, Pea in a Pod or Old Navy,” purchase a few essential outfits to really complete your look. You’ll be happy you did.